Sunday, May 8, 2011

Roast Chicken

Roasting a chicken is something that I have been highly anticipating, and almost scared of doing!  Seems like everyone has been roasting a chicken lately so I figured why can't I do it?  I have to admit, while it was very tasty, I don't think I see what all the hype is about!  I would any day rather buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery...but that's just me.  There was a lot of work involved (not really, but just the type of work I didn't enjoy...aka digging out the innards of the chicken).  Its also a little difficult for me to pull this off on a weeknight, unless we want to be eating dinner at 9 pm by the time we get home from the gym and all.  The taste was really good, but I don't know, it just wasn't for me!  Maybe more of a special occasion thing.  I'm sure a lot of the people who read this are going to think I'm crazy!

I found my inspiration from Lauren's blog and How Sweet

1 whole chicken (I used one about 5-6 pounds)
1 lemon
a few garlic cloves
1 onion
2 or 3 carrots
1 potato (I didn't have this but think it would be a good addition)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Pull out innards and rinse chicken inside and out.  S&P inside of chicken.  Rub olive oil all over the outside and S&P the outside.  Chop the onion & carrot in large pieces.  Layer the onion & carrots first in the pan.  Place the chicken on top.  Fill the chicken with quartered lemons & garlic cloves.  Place chopped potatoes around the sides.  I actually fit everything in a 8 x 8 glass pan.  I was shocked how much juice that chicken provided!  It was soo juicy and tasty!  Bake at 425 for 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.  Check that juices run clear prior to serving.  The best part is the thin crispy crust!

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