Thursday, January 6, 2011

Half Bath Re-do & a Mexican Chef Salad

I think we have both been wanting to repaint since we moved in a year ago but just weren't ready to make the decision.  Our half bath downstairs and our living room were both browns and they were nice looking...but we realized our house was becoming very brown.  Our sofa, chair, and most of the furniture is dark brown (most of these purchased before we moved into this house).  So it was time for a change!  Here is the color of the bath before...notice we are halfway into construction at this point:

Decided to go with a Grey
Corey took the floorboards up
And a couple new coats of paint and bead board and chair rail down

Sorry for the lighting in this one, I hadn't figured out how to turn off the flash yet apparently...good thing the camera class is in a few weeks!

On to food!  Another of Corey's Mom's recipes - and an absolute favorite of ours!  Mexican Chef Salad:
Brown 1 lb lean ground beef then season with 1 pkg of taco seasoning.  Mix in 1 can black beans to warm them (sometimes I also throw in some frozen corn at this point).  Chop up your choice lettuce, we used a bunch of red leaf lettuce last night.  Mix Lettuce, beef and bean mixture, shredded cheese, crunched up Frito's, diced tomatoes.  Serve in bowls with ranch, salsa, or sour cream (or all three if you are us)!  Yummy!

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