Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garden - Phase one

Last year I had high aspirations of growing these beautiful and bountiful tomato plants.  I must have planted like 20 or 30 some plants and waited patiently for them to grow and produce.  All of a sudden they were growing so large and taking over the side of my house.  I literally coundn't get through the plants to pick off the ripe tomatoes!  I've since learned that your average family most likely doesn't need more than maybe 5 plants.

This year I have to admit, I once again went a little overboard!  I brought just a few seed packets (errrr...maybe 20)...they were only 20 cents a piece at Walmart though, I couldn't help myself!  I bought some good soil to start them in and planted them to start indoors this weekend.  I'll update you when I transfer them outdoors and let you know how it goes!

husband thinks i went overboard...i have no idea why?
soil choice
quite a lot to label when you plant 20-some types
buster boy providing distraction
new patio set & fire pit we can't wait to enjoy!!!

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