Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuna in bruschetta sauce w/ carmelized onions

I found this recipe on Iowa Girl Eats and knew it was a perfect summer meal that I needed to make as soon as we got the grill out again!  Then I decided it looked too good that I couldn't wait until then.  Then I realized I didn't have any chicken and decided to make it with tuna steaks instead!  Yummy!  This was a great combination and will be even better when we can grill up some chicken in the near future! 

I didn't have the pre-made bruschetta sauce that she had in her recipe so I just threw together some roma tomatoes, red onion, basil, olive oil, S&P, and garlic.  Her sauce looked so good and I would definitely consider purchasing it next time or recreating it with a recipe.  My quick throw-together didn't have enough saucy-ness to it to coat the pasta like I wished it did.  The balsalmic drizzle was a really sweet and savory addition to the meal that I don't think you can skip!  The whole meal was so fresh though and really got us in the summer mood!

Cook up your tuna or grill up your chicken, however you prefer.  She marinated hers in balsalmic vinegar before hand, but I was not as prepared and it turned out great as well.

In the meantime, start boiling your pasta in salted water.  I used whole wheat penne.

While these two are cooking up boil some balsalmic vinegar over medium heat until its reduced and thickened up.  Don't under-estimate how much you will need.  I think mine reduced by at least half.  It will be very sweet at the end of the process.

Cut up one full onion and cook over medium low heat in equal parts of butter and sugar (probably about 1 tbsp each will do).  Cook until your onion is browned and carmelized.  It will also be very sweet.

Once pasta is cooked, combine with bruschetta sauce and onions.  Layer pasta on place, place tuna steak or chicken on top, and drizzle with balsalmic.

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