Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cleaning Schedule

Can I just tell you that this little schedule I came up with in 15 minutes has changed my life?  I am not being dramatic either!  I think I usually do a pretty good job keeping my house clean.  But in reality, in the past, if you saw it during the week I would probably be embarrassed!  That's because I used to do all my cleaning on the weekend if someone was coming over, or if not...whenever I got around to it.  I always had this overwhelming 'I don't have enough time' feeling (i.e. 4 loads of clean laundry sitting in front of me that I don't feel like folding and 3 dirty bathrooms that desperately need cleaned).

I don't remember where I first came across the idea of making a cleaning schedule, but who's-ever idea that was is a genius!!!  I basically started by sitting down and listing what all I would LIKE to get done on a normal basis.  Then I placed them into groups based on how often I would like to do them.  Then I assigned them to nights of the week based on what I typically have going on that night - for example: not much to do on the nights we have bible study, and more to do on the nights Corey is in class for his MBA program.  Once I had everything scheduled I put task reminders in my phone to go off weekly so I would know what to do that night when I got off work.  Lastly I started making a list of "big" or random other house projects that I would like to get done sometime in the future, that I usually put off.  Last weekend I organized our shoe/coat closet - took probably 20 minutes. 

I think the thing to remember is to try out your schedule and if after a week or two it's tough to keep up with, modify it so that it works for you!  I think you will be surprised like I was though.  Now I always feel caught up and its amazing the feeling a clean house will give you.  Like I said above, I feel like I am only committing an extra 15-30 minutes each night, which is a lot less overwhelming than hours and hours on the weekend.  Plus, now I actually get around to those random projects that have been in the back of my mind for who knows how long and get to cross some of them off my list!

So here is my schedule.  Its specific to my house and my other schedule commitments, but if you follow the same steps I did above, you can come up with one of your own.  I am also going to skip over the everyday things that I do everyday.  Those include make our bed in the morning, wipe down counters & do dishes after dinner, and pick up clutter at the end of the night.

Pay Bills
Clean out microwave
Clean/Polish Stainless Steal Appliances

Wash & dry 1 load of laundry

Put away laundry

Either clean bathrooms or Wash our sheets (I switch these every other week)

Gloss Counters (granite)
Deep clean sink

Wash & dry 1 load of laundry
Wash Towels
Big project (either Saturday or Sunday)

Put away laundry
Sweep & Mop Kitchen

I hope this helps you simplify your life like it has mine!


  1. This inspires me! I need to create something like this. Now, your next post should be on how to motivate your husband to help with the list :)

  2. Yeah no kidding! Once you figure it out let me know ;) It is seriously helping so much though, I always feel so much more caught up!