Sunday, June 26, 2011

My first trip to Trader Joe's

Can I just say this is seriously my new favorite place?  I went the other night for a quick trip with my sister and intended on getting a few fun snacks or whatever looked good.  WRONG...I left with a full cart and over $100 less in my pocket.  Opps, guess thats what I get for not having a list to stick to!  I should have known how this trip was gonna go when the first thing I saw was the cheese isle.  But just wait until you see what I picked up!  And if you have never been, its fabulous.  I mean everything seems cheaper, their cheeses are like half the price of the grocery.  And the wine...well they have this thing called the "two buck chuck."  They carry a brand called Charles Straw for around $2.50 a bottle.  I picked up the Shiraz and the Chardonnay.  The Shiraz was to die for, I haven't tried the Chardonnay yet.  One of my favorite blogs, How Sweet shares her Trader Joe's trips on occasion so I thought I would do the same to help convince you to go if you haven't been before.  To die for!  (on a side note we had 34 people baptised at church awesome is that!!!)

produce:  Portobellas, bananas, eggplant, garlic, avocado, roma tomatoes, pineapple, fresh basil - can't wait to show you what I'm making this week!!!

some good "snacks", veggie chips, pistachios, white bean & basil hummis, edamame, fresh salsa, cilantro jalapeno hummis, and a Luna bar to try out!

More yummy Snacks: Cinnamon almonds, the best raspberry sorbet, and dark chocolate covered pretzels (they go great with a glass of red wine!)

Man Food for Corey when I'm not home.   He was so excited.  A ravioli & a tortellini, chicken wantons, Mandarin orange chicken, chicken burritos
limited myself to only 3 cheeses!  Feta, Brie, and Blue Cheese

a few grains: Pita bite crackers, whole wheat pitas, and pecan praline granola, yes please!!

a few beverages: blueberry pomegranate green tea, a few bottles of wine, Chai latte mix (yum), and a forgotten photo of some goose island india pale ale for my hubby!

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