Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving day in pictures

Thanksgiving was so give you perspective, Corey immediately asked - can we have Thanksgiving / any other holiday here at our house everytime?!!  I would love that just because I loved having family here.  Of course it makes me comfortable and makes the day very relaxing.  But thats not what its all about, so I am looking forward to seeing my extended family members next holiday.  So here we are...

the pup passed out - middle of the dining room

As my mom says, this is the look of pure contentment...and this was prior to him stealing a turkey leg off the counter...

our finished dining room and new table!  Cramed full with 9 chairs

beautiful table setting courtesy of our mom's

how pretty is this!  I wanted to leave it burning all night but was afraid it would get too hot on the new table. 

mmmm...pumpkin cheesecake was a hit...but I honestly couldn't think about eating it again...for like at least a few weeks ;)

my pup again, now asleep on the bed

and my craft :)  what the holiday is truly about!

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