Friday, December 10, 2010

my kitchen

why wouldn't you want to cook (all the time) if you had a hubby that built you this kitchen!

BEFORE:  my lovely kitchen...already loved this place!  The wall color is so nice in person

AFTER:  Close up of my new counter-tops...granite slab picked out by case you're interested its called typhoon bordeaux

Then there is the our new back splash he put him. self.

 oh and that involved pulling out the sockets to make them flush with the tile
 close up...beautiful!!!  i love it
   And I just realized I don't have a picture of my new sink and faucet.  I'll post later.  Corey and my Dad installed those. 

Some tips:  because I think we realized tonight my husband's passion (DIY)

1.  take out your old counter tops yourself.  It is really easy.  don't be mislead by your granite company when they want to charge you $300 bucks to do something you can do one evening after work.  Corey simply took a screwdriver and unscrewed the bolts that connected them to the cabinets.
2.  install (hook up) your new sink and faucet.  We purchased our sink from the granite company (they usually give you a better deal than you can get at home depot - for reference ours was $250 - it's a 70/30, 16 gauge.)  We purchased our faucet from home depot.  I don't think the granite company offered that, but it was around $220.  Installing is very easy.  People are a little intimidated by this but as long as you take it slow, oh and have some one who knows what they are doing, its do-able!

I really need to take a picture of this because it is probably my favorite part of my kitchen.  It is so convenient to have such a large sink...and it is really beautiful.

We still want to change out our appliances.  To tell you the truth they don't bother me too terribly.  One major thing to think about when choosing your granite is to think about your current appliances and whether you will be wanting to make any future changes.  We picked ours knowing it will go great with our current white ones and our future stainless steel!

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