Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why I Eat Healthy

*I am not a health professional.  I am writing about my own life experiences and what works for me.  For concerns about your own health and diet, please discuss with your doctor.*

Now, I want to talk about healthy eating.  Remember I am not a professional at this either!  I just really enjoy how I feel eating healthy.  It gives me so much more energy when I give my body the nutrients it needs from healthy proteins, fruits, and veggies.  I do not believe in diets, nor have I ever tried one myself.  When I wanted to get in shape for my wedding a few years ago, I modifiend the way I ate by cutting out softdrinks (which I very rarely drink now - probably haven't had one is months), making healthy dining out choices like getting sandwhiches on wraps instead of bread, and veggies on the side instead of fries, etc.  If you are stocking your body full of the things you should be, there leaves little room for things you shouldn't be. 

I am also a firm believer in fiting in 4 or 5 smaller meals during the day.  Maybe its just me, but I am typically hungry most of the day!  I wake up ravenged, scarf down breakfast, then am hungry again by 9:30 or 10.  So instead of starving myself until lunch, I eat something like a banana, a yogurt, or some almonds.  Same thing in the afternoon as I told you last week, I can't go without my pre-workout snack.  That way I don't overeat at lunch or dinner, plus it keeps my energy levels up during the day.  I don't ever count calories I eat or anything like that, I actually rarely think about how much I eat, or that I can't eat something.  I more so focus on what things I want to fit in that day ... like eating yogurt or drinking milk because I know I need the calcium.  And also drinking plenty of water, I am talking like 8 glasses a day probably (esp. if you exercise), your body needs it!!!

Now onto the things I try to make sure I get enough of.  My goal everyday is to try and fit in 5 veggies or fruits, and remember that some of them fill 2 servings!  This can be really pretty easy.  I have no trouble squeezing in the fruits, whether its with breakfast, for a snack, or with lunch.  The harder one for me is the veggies.  I try to do this with lunch and definitely dinner.  This week I roasted some broccoli & califlower on Sunday and brought some with me each day for lunch. 

The next one I think is pretty dependent on your tastes.  I also try to fix fish at our house at least once a week, although I know it doesn't get done every week.  It is a great healthy alternative to chicken which can get boring and it is sooo good for you!  Salmon is probably our favorite which you could probably gather from my blog.  We also try to eat whole wheat everything verses white noodles, bread, etc. 

Lastly I want to talk about sweets.  Baking is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do.  It is, like cooking, my time to be creative and unwind!  Plus I love showering people with tastey treats (oh...and I also get to enjoy!!!)  You will notice that muffins have been my recent baking outlet.  I can make them my own by reducing the sugar, using whole wheat flour, fitting in some fruits or veggies, etc.  However, I do love to bake sweets too.  But, I rarely bake themn only for me and the hubby's enjoyment.  I do it when we are having a get together or to celebrate other people's occasions.  And then, if there are leftovers, I save a few for us, and bring the rest into work.  That way they don't sit around waiting for us to devour them. 

Really I'm not afraid to enjoy most everything in moderation.  I love to cook a big old meal on Sundays and a lot of the time its not the "healthiest" meal (ex: Fettuccine Alfredo).  But we just limit the big splurge to once a week!  Trust me I have a whole long list of these yummy meals saved up for Sunday nights (chicken pot pie anyone?).  And I rarely turn down pizza on a Friday night!

Sorry this post was soo long and good for you if you made it to the end!  I hope this helps you find a little motivation to eat healthy.  There are so many yummy ways to eat healthy.  Hopefully you are able to find some great recipes on my site as well!

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