Friday, November 4, 2011

Chicken Tacos

Lets just say these are definitely on the list for birthday week next year.  Corey would not stop talking about these things.  The best part is they were so incredibly easy to make!  I got the idea from Pioneer Woman, a while back and they have just been siting in my recipe box.  And then I had leftover chicken to use from roasting a chicken and I found these amazing corn tortillas (below) at the grocery that looked so yummy, so I threw these together that night!  I used some extra chipotle peppers in adobo I had in the freezer to spice up the chicken and luckily had some leftover queso, fresh tomatoes & an avocado in the fridge.  You could really use whatever you want and make these your own.  BUT, buy these tortillas soon and try this, YUM!

What you'll need:
olive oil (or canola oil)
corn tortillas
shredded chicken
a few chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (this is in the mexican isle, canned) - or seasoning of choice for the chicken (salsa works!)
Queso or shredded cheese
Optional Toppings:
Sour Cream

Heat a small amount of oil in large skillet (maybe a tablespoon or two).  In a small skillet, heat up shredded chicken with diced chipotle peppers or other seasonings.  Once oil is very hot, fill tortillas taco style (like picture) with chicken & cheese.  Lay them on their side in the oil to lightly "fry" them, then using tongs flip them over to other side.  This only takes about 20-30 seconds per side.  Lay them on paper towel once you take them out.  Fill with toppings once slightly cooled and serve warm!


  1. Did you get the tortillas at TJ's?

  2. No I think it was either Marsh or Walmart actually!